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Shipping Containers

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hiab transportation

Rhyco R.P Containers Pty Ltd offer affordable and reliable portable accommodation, storage ,transport and Electricity solutions to help you build a better business. Rhyco R.P Containers Pty Ltd is based in South Africa, but have Co-partners in Europe as well The main reason is because we have contracts to supply several companies in Europe & South Africa , so when ever we ship goods to Europe and South Africa, we do not expect these companies to ship empty containers back to us , so we decide to sell our empty containers Rhyco R.P Containers Pty Ltd Vision Since we started.

Rhyco R.P Containers Pty Ltd in 2002 our vision has been to save customers time and money by being the most reliable supplier of quality portable accommodation, storage and welfare solutions in our markets. We are knowledgeable, positive and forward thinking, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers meet their needs.

We invest and develop in our people and build long term relationships with customers and suppliers in order to give exceptional personal service time and time again.